Accelevation Launches PPE Business Unit

“We are working closely with businesses and schools, not only here in Dayton, but across the US to custom design and install cost effective, durable yet stylish barrier solutions that can be implemented quickly. For example, at schools one of the biggest challenges in keeping kids safe is the cafeteria. We have developed multiple barrier solutions that can be quickly assembled and installed onsite, which helps divide students physically, yet allow for critical social interaction”, said Michael Rubiera, President of Accelevation. “In addition,” Rubiera continued, “we have developed a unique solution for offices with cubicles that will raise the walls using our partitions, keeping sight-lines open with the ability to be installed with no tools needed.”

Accelevation has retooled and remodeled space at one of its companies, Southeast Tool Company in Dayton, to launch this new business unit. It has hired new employees and plans to add additional employees over the next few weeks to meet the growing demand.

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