AboutAt its core, Accelevation LLC is about accelerating innovation. Curiosity and problem-solving drive everything we do. As we acquire and launch brands, each comes with different customers, work cultures and ways of doing things. We view that as an asset and believe diversity of backgrounds, experiences and industries only makes us stronger. We also recognize that having a core set of values will ensure that we always move forward as a cohesive organization.

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Core Values

JUDGEMENT Making well-informed decisions amidst uncertainty. We employ data-driven methodologies, critical thinking, and effective problem-solving techniques to identify systemic issues and allocate resources efficiently for researching viable solutions.

ACCOUNTABILITY Prioritizing open, honest, and respectful communication. We take responsibility for our words, actions, and outcomes. Rather than shying away from difficult conversations, we confront challenges head-on.

FEARLESS INNOVATION Embracing calculated risks, learning from mistakes, and swiftly adapting for continuous improvement. We strive to be better, faster, and smarter - consistently seeking opportunities to simplify processes and reduce complexity.

SAFETY Proactively fostering a culture of safety in our work environment. We take the initiative to speak up and address potential safety concerns, even if they fall outside our immediate responsibilities.

SPEED Recognizing the competitive advantage of being swift and responsive. We operate with a sense of urgency, consistently delivering on internal and external commitments with clarity, respect, and prompt communication.

INCLUSION Appreciating and respecting individuals from diverse backgrounds, identities, values, and cultures. We enthusiastically build teams that celebrate and embrace the contributions of everyone, fostering an environment of welcome and respect for all.


The individuals who make up our companies are the most important piece of everything that Accelevation does. We work hard to foster a dynamic and enjoyable work environment. Hiring and retaining talented people is incredibly important to our success as an organization and we don't take that lightly. A key component to Accelevation is making sure that everyone who walks through our doors every day is empowered to do what they do best.

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Raising up the next generation of machinists and team members is always a top priority for Accelevation. Whether it's working with local trade schools and organizations or placing a current employee on an advanced training track internally, we recognize that providing opportunities to learn and grow benefits all of us, across industries. This has been and will continue to be a key component to how we do business.

Great innovation only happens when people aren't afraid to do things differently.

Georg Cantor